Become a Distributor

Partner with Juicelee – Expand Your Reach with Natural Goodness

Introduction : Join us as a distributor and become part of a thriving network committed to revolutionizing the beverage industry with natural, healthy, and delicious products. By partnering with Juicelee, you’ll be at the forefront of a trend that values quality, sustainability, and consumer health.

Benefits of Becoming a Distributor

  1. High Demand Products: Capitalize on the growing consumer interest in health and wellness with our all-natural, no added sugar juice products.
  2. Competitive Margins: Enjoy attractive wholesale rates that offer lucrative profit margins.
  3. Marketing Support: Gain access to our comprehensive range of marketing tools and promotional materials to help boost sales and brand awareness.
  4. Exclusive Territories: Depending on your performance and commitment, earn exclusive rights to distribute in your designated area.
  5. Continuous Product Innovation: Benefit from our ongoing product development, ensuring that the product line remains exciting and relevant.
  6. Training and Support: Receive full training on our product range, as well as ongoing support from our dedicated team to ensure you have all the knowledge and resources needed.

Requirements to Become a Distributor

  • Business License: Proof of a valid business license in the territory you wish to distribute.
  • Initial Investment: Ability to meet a minimum initial order quantity to ensure a committed partnership.
  • Storage Facilities: Adequate storage facilities to maintain product quality and shelf life.
  • Distribution Network: An established distribution network or the capability to set up one to effectively reach potential markets.
  • Alignment with Our Values: A commitment to sustainability and health that aligns with our brand’s mission and values.

Contact for Further Inquiries Should you have any questions or need more information about becoming a Juicelee distributor, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 8199900709

Final Note : We are excited about the possibility of partnering with you and look forward to the opportunity to grow together in bringing natural, healthy beverage options to as many people as possible.